Scientifically Winning Loyal Customers

Eureka Engine is a behavioral economics marketing

agency that makes marketing more profitable.



Digital hasn’t changed everything. Customers make purchase decisions the same way they always have – with logic and emotion.
We fuse marketing strategy and behavioral economics to deliver marketing solutions that are scientifically proven to be more effective at driving ROI.
Our behavioral economists are disrupting marketing with psychology to make customers purchase faster and more frequently.
We are building the future- at the intersection of digital and behavioral science.

Who We Are

We are a friendly collective of thinkers and doers



We are a collective of strategists, behavioral scientists, marketeers, cool hunters, social anthropologists, content creators, technologists, data scientists and entrepreneurs.


What makes us unique is our ability to draw from across our domains of expertise to look at problems from multiple angles and develop award winning solutions.


We focus on three vital marketing priorities


Content and advertising collateral that drives awareness and persuades by using behavioral economics


Marketing services that acquire new customers more cost effectively using behavioral economics


Innovative Omnichannel customer experiences that retain customers for longer using behavioral economics


We produce persuasive and pervasive content


We produce engaging content for our clients that raises awareness among their target audience.

Our subjectmatter experts produce the content in collaboration with our behavioral economists to deliver a compelling and persuasive story for the audience.

We also broaden the reach of this content by proactively distributing and seeding it in key locations to maximise visibility.



We acquire customers more cost effectively



 Acquisition marketing services (affiliates, e-mail marketing) that acquire new customers.

We infuse campaign creative with behavioral economics insights to acquire customers more cost effectively.

We also acquire customers via influencer marketing, referral marketing and customer advocacy programmes which are molded upon behavioral economics insights.


We develop customer experiences that generate loyalty


We develop innovative customer experiences that exceed customer expectations.

By fusing behavioral economics with customer experiences, we generate customer advocacy and drive customer preference for our client’s offering.

By providing a better customer experience than their competition, our clients are able to measurably gain market share at a lower cost than traditional marketing budgets can achieve.


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